Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas cuties

 Please excuse the junk in the bottom cabinet. 
It happens...

McAdenville Christmas Lights

Homework break with brother

Keeping it Real

Sick days are no joke!
A bomb looks like it went of in my kitchen.
Every spoon was used. Even the funky shaped one.
What's that one called anyway?

Christmas lights at the zoo

That crazy face! 
Just curious if this is just me.
 Do you get lots of family pics with your kids? Does your husband like taking pics? My hub hates having his pic made and hates taking my picture with the boys. Ugh!

Roasting marshmallows!

Looking forward to 2013!

My Silly Elf

He loves getting his picture made.

He's a cutie!

Leopard Christmas Tree

Better late than never!
I'm in love with our Christmas tree this year!
I added more mesh and I kept the leopard ribbon.

 This is our whimsical tree in the kitchen. 
It's a mix of my vintage knee hugger elves, candy, and gingerbread.
The boys love it.

I hope to get a bigger tree for next year.
Lights when out on this tree this year, so I had to rig it up! lol

Happy Birthday!

Happy 4th Birthday!!!

He requested a Monster Truck and Hot Wheel theme birthday.
Pretty easy to accomplish.

Brothers being silly.

My baby is growing up waayyyy toooooo fast!
I love you very much!