Saturday, November 20, 2010

Southern Christmas Show!

I went to the Southern Christmas Show this past Sunday in NC. We had a ton of fun. Debbie and Sherri I wish you girls could of came! Congrats Sherri on your grand baby!!!

Christmas is coming soon!

Playing with deco mesh!

I got my shipment of poly deco mesh in the mail yesterday and now I'm trying it out! This is my first wreath so far! This is what I had on hand to play with for now without digging all my Christmas decor out. What do you think? This could be addictive!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I never thought........

in a million years that I would be a SOCCER MOM! 
No, I'm not getting a van anytime soon! However, I know it would be so much easier to get my boys out of!

I'm so proud of my little boy and the wonderful season he had!

Lucky little thing won a Nintendo DSi at his banquet! He has won something the past 3 banquets, but never the big prize!!! I told my husband we need to get him to pick out some lottery numbers! Just kidding we don't play the lottery! 

Happy almost Friday!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Simple Wreath Change

Happy Tuesday!!!

I decided to give this simple wreath a little more something! I added the ribbon and the little Home Sweet Home sign. I think it looks Thanksgiving-ish. 

Here's the Halloween one.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Everyday I'm Hustling!

Who knew a Friday night could be so fun with coupons!!! I'm telling you, I had a blast!!!
 My first stop was the mall! I went to Bath and Body Works and got a small antibacterial soap and a full size lotion for $1.59!!! That's going to be a small gift to someone! Then I went to Victoria Secret and got my free Large undies and the sells clerk showed me that the LARGES are only in the BOTTOM drawer and that there are only mediums on top of the counter! Whatever! I will rock this large booty in your free undies till the day I die! Thank you very much Moving on.............Next stop JCPenny! Cars bedroom shoes $3.17! These will be from Santa! Last stop was Dicks I had a $10.00 certificate I got in the mail. I got my son a fleece Columbia jacket for $10.59!!!

 Of course I got a picture! ;)

Next stop Publix! 
I'm missing some butter! It's somewhere I just can't find it! I spent $7.38 and saved $46.81! Saved 86% and I even got trash bags too!

Doesn't take much to make me happy!!!
 Oh yeah we went to Krispy Kreme tonight to make my butt even bigger and more Fabulous!
 Goodnight loves!

Have a great weekend!!!

Where I'm Partying!
Southern Savers
I Heart Publix
Coastal Charm

I'm going to try EBAY!

I've sold a few things a long time ago. So, this is pretty new to me! I'm going to give EBAY a shot! This was so time consuming for me. I guess I will get faster as times goes by! 

Christmas time is coming up and I have my eye on 2 anywhere Pottery Barn chairs for my boys and well, those bad boys don't come cheap! Never mind! It's going to cost almost $80.00 just to ship the things! 

I have mainly just the cutest boys clothes you have ever saw!! Here's a few pics of what I'm selling and here's the link to my listings!!!

Wish me luck!!!

Happy Friday and thanks for looking!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Little Pirate!

Of course I couldn't leave my pirate out!!! 
My oldest son wore this costume when he was this age too!

This mummy did not scare him one bit! In fact he thought all the scary masks and stuff was funny!

We went trunk or treating at a church and that was a lot of FUN! They told stories in between the stops and both of my boys got little Bibles!

Look at my little man! He's going give me some CANDY!!!

Look at this sweet face!!

After there we went to a really nice neighborhood where they go  all out on there Halloween decor!

My husband made us a Halloween cake! I think he did pretty good!

Here's the Halloween treats I sent to my son's school! I love making these fun treats!

Now I need to get my Halloween decor down from outside and get Thanksgiving up! Time to start preparing for Christmas!!!

Happy Wednesday!