Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Whimsical Decor

This is Halloween!
I'm so excited! Are you?
Me and my little made cupcakes today to celebrate!

Ghost peeps! So cute!

I'm finally getting around showing some of my Halloween decor.
Better late than never.

 Added a bow, cause bows make things better. ;)

Burlap skeleton.

 Top of the fridge.

My favorite purchase this year. 
I bought my witches boot in Calabash, NC at this awesome gift shop.
 I added a big bow. ;)

My creepy doll heads. I love them!

Happy Halloween to everyone!
Stay safe and stay warm tonight!
It's time for me to dress up my monsters!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Treats

It's that time of year again.
 Time to make treats for my lil' monster's class.

I have to gather up everything I've bought that's stored in about 3 different places.

Could not find the plastic cups I normally use. So, I just bought these orange paper cups. Twelve for a buck! I like these way better! I love it when stuff like this happens. I hot glued this wire ribbon around the top and I had these black glittery cat cutouts from Halloween last year.

I'm still obsessed with foil candy!

Eye gumballs, foil candy, Halloween candy bracelet, and black & orange gumballs.

Skate boards, tattoos, parachute men, and colored pencils.

Vampire teeth with candy blood! I thought these were so cool!
Found them at Dollar General. I really love that place.

Packed and ready to go!
I can't wait to buy some cool stuff after Halloween for next year.
I think everything cost less than $16.00 for 20 kids. Buying s year ahead helps a ton!
Only .80 cents per kid!

Halloween at the Campground 2012

 We could not wait to trick-or-treat at the campground again this year!
The boys and I ;) talked about how much fun we had all year!

 We rode on a hayride over to the campground.

There was lots of campers that go all out with decorations. 
I missed a lot of good pics.

Brothers comparing their candy.

Cute camper inflatable.

People would smile from ear to ear when they saw Elvis.

Can't wait till next year!