Friday, October 19, 2012

Mighty Dollar

Who spends fifty three dollars at a dollar store?
Well, this girl does! OMG! What is wrong with me!?
I do have to say that this place was AMAZING!

I'm so dang embarrassed. Well, not really! ;)

So many awesome craft supplies. 

 These are Christmas picks, but I'm using them in my Halloween tree. 
I will post pics of my tree next!

I loved these cherry gingham hand towel, pot holders, and oven mitts!
I've been looking for cheap green apples forever. 
That's a nordic ware bundt pan and I also got a huge heart shaped pan.
 Cute blingy bracelet.

Every girl needs a leopard hammer in their life! ;)

Thanksgiving goodies for the boys.

I loved this car! I thought these would make good Christmas presents. I need to buy some more. They put limits to certain items. I could only get one of these. Dad was with me so I was able to get both boys one. 

They had every color of Christmas ornaments you could think of. I might go back and get some butterflies. I really liked these. They're huge, too! 

Rooster weathervane candle topper.

I got a ton of other good junk I didn't want to bore you with.
 I will most def be going back! I checked the Mighty Dollar website and they are only in SC, NC, and KY at this time.

Have a good weekend and please share any good deals you've found lately!


Cottage Dreaming said...

great shopping trip it looks like....what store is it?

Kelly said...

You find the BEST stuff for the holidays! I think those purple and orange glittery picks are perfect for Halloween. I think better for that than Christmas. I always forget about going to the dollar store for inexpensive goodies like that. You've inspired me! There are several around here. I'll have to pop in and see what they're offering.

Jemsmom said...

Wow!!!! I have never even heard of them! You go girl! Awesome deals!!

Brandi said...

You bought some really neat things. Is everything a dollar? Darn it, I wish there was a store in Georgia. Probably best that there's not one though. I could see myself spending a lot there too. Thanks for sharing your goodies.