Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Festival

Finally, my favorite time of year is here!
Fall festivals, hay rides, football, costumes, crisp air, good food, good tv, pumpkins, and 
twinkling orange lights!

The best way to start the season off is with a fall festival!

The cutest store fronts.

I wished I would of bought that church now.

 Ain't she ugly!'s a wig! ;)
She was handmade.

 Someone please tell me it's okay to spend $45 on one of these big pumpkins.
Please?! I'm begging you!

Weekend tidbits:
My son's football team finally won their first game! 

I didn't get to decorate outside because it rained. =(

Dexter and Revenge came on! Did you watch? Love both shows!

And, a sneak peak of what I worked on this weekend.
 I'm 95% done.

Does anyone know of any photo sites to make a collage for a header? Since picnik is gone I don't know where to go. Thanks for any help!

Have a good week!


Jen S. said...

Hi Jennifer!
I love all of the Fall pictures you posted...they're great!

Since Picnic is gone, I use Picmonkey. To me, it's basically just like Picnic. Hope that helps! :)

Happy Fall!

LaTosha said...

I love Fall too! try picmonkey for collages...