Sunday, May 30, 2010


Here's my goodies I brought back with me from Hillsville! 
I finally got me a locker basket! It's a bit rusty though. It's okay it was only $4.00!!
  I also got this cool "P"! It's a part of a sign! It was $10.00. I think I might use it as a part of my son's room decor.
 Cute little Barn birdhouse for $5.00!
 I got these rooster candle holders for $10.00 at the flea market last week. I LOVE them!
And finally, the best for last! I got this awesome Kathy Van Zealand pocket book for $5.00!!! Yeah! I was in total shock!
I hope everyone had a great weekend and I hope you found you some awesome treasures!
I'm selling tomorrow at the flea market! Wish me luck to make lots of money! 

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Hillsville, VA Here I come!

What a fun little trip! Here's is some pics of my trip!
Here's the box ready to go!
5:12 am and I'm ready to hit the road!
Finally, made it to Virgina!
 I'm here!!! I parked my car in someone's yard!
Let's get to shopping! 
 One of my favorite vendors! He had all kind of neat stuff! This is where I bought my locker basket!
This was my dad's booth!
He makes these crazy birdhouses and sells the slew out of them!
  Field slam full of junkness goodies!
Here's my other favorite vendor! Lots of really neat stuff!
 You just never know what you are going to find at a flea market!
There is one thing I learned, the Memorial Day sale is nothing compared to the Labor Day sale! There wasn't as many vendors or people at this one! Still had lots of fun though! 400,000+ people come to the Labor Day sale! I can't wait till then! I'll have my goodies posted in another post! 
Stayed tuned!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Houston, we have a FLOOR!

I have been working on this hot mess of a closet today! I could not see the floor it was that bad! I had amazon boxes galore from Christmas time, clothes I had forgot about (like 4 black tank tops!), even found some new drawers! ha! I forgot to take a before picture, but here's the floor! Finally!

Here's the crap that came off the floor! 
I also have a pretty good collection of shopping bags! I keep all the good ones for when I go to resell stuff! Weird, huh?! I want them to feel special when they carry there new goodies in a nice bag!
  I promise I'm not a crazy hoarder person! 
I still have to go through my clothes now. Who needs 20 pairs of jeans when only 4 fit?! I also need new hangers bad! I will update when I finished! This sista needs to make some money! Vacation is coming up soon! ;)

Do you collect bags too?!  Or am I crazy?!

Hanging out by the pool!

Oh yeah! Don't be jealous of our pool! We are BIG pimpin' here! ;)
 He thinks he is something else too! The best $7.00 I have ever spent!
 I hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oh yeah! It's Junk Time!

I went to my fav consignment store this week! I got 2 pillows for $4.00 each and a finial for $2!
Then I stopped by Goodwill and found this cute purple zebra print top by Ann Taylor brand new with the tags!
My final stop was this other consignment shop! Prices was a little higher, but I got this cute frame for $6.00 and this finial for $4.00!
I also got these cute shirts for $4.00 each. The first one is by Express! I love the vintage design on it! The other one I just love because of the fleur de lis and crowns!
And finally, my yard sales finds!!! I didn't find to much this week.
I got these huge sconces for $2.00!
 I got this leopard pocket book that I think I'm just going to resell it. It was only $1.50 and the picture frame was .25¢.
Found another pocket book for $2.00, but it doesn't sit on my shoulder right. I'm picky about that. My favorite find was this Express change purse for $1.00! It still had the price tags on it!
 I just remembered I totally forgot to take pictures of my rooster candle holders I got at the flea market. Dang! I'll show those next week! ;) I hope everyone had a great week finding treasures!!

Next week I will be in Hillsville, VA! I can't wait!!! If you are going please let me know! I would love to meet you! ;)

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's have some cake!

My sweet husband came home last night from work and surprised me with this awesome cake!!! I was so proud of him!!! He said he designed it himself too! Not trying to be mean, but my husband usually doesn't take hints very well, KWIM?! ;)He got this from the grocery store too! Whoo hoo!
He had the kids make me a stepping stone with their hand prints on it!!! He even put glitter on it! =) This was the best birthday ever!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday Bling!

So, today is my birthday! I have no plans yet! My Nanny said she is giving me money for my birthday! What she doesn't know I already spent it! ha! I was at Stein Mart on Friday and I had a $10 off coupon when you spend $25 so, I went ahead and used that bad boy before it expired today! You no me, I love me some coupons! I bought this cute wallet and some flip flops! I got both for $19.00! I just love the BLING!!
I hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cowboy Boots and Junk!

Hey Y'all! I hope everyone had a great week finding some bargains!!! This was a great week for me! I found 2 things on my list! YAY!
I got the 2 tier thingy for $1.00! I also, got a set of 6 pretty yellow plates for $2.00!

Finally!!! I found me some wore out boots! I got them for $5.00 at the flea market and they are made by Frye too!

I finally found a twin bed frame for my son!!! I think I'm going to paint it red! The best part it was only $15.00!

And last, I got my husband a pair of Aero plaid shorts for $1.00 and my little man a Ralph Lauren polo shirt for $2.00!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

My new MAILBOX!!!

Love it!

I'm in love with my new mailbox!! My sweet husband built this for me!! The best part is, it was FREE too!! He used scrap stuff from his work. I'm thinking about maybe adding some flowers at the bottom, but the dirt is so hard! Any suggestions? I also still need to add our number. I just love it and he is so proud of himself! He kept asking me have you put it on your blog yet? Babe, I hope you see this at work today! I love you!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last day of school!

This is the last day of school for my little man! =( This thang is full of energy too! What is up with the hand signs?! lol! He has to sport the silly bandz too! My husband wacked all his hair off too! We will talk about that later!

This was his first day of school for 4k this year! My baby is growing up!

I just had to show this!
I pass by this dolls head everyday on the way to school. Creepy!

Back to my husband wacking our son's hair! I think my husband was on a wacky spree that day. He told me he was going to give our son a haircut and he cut it ALL off! Then he chopped my monkey grass! It's starting to grow back now, but still! My poor baby has 2 cowlicks and a widows peek!

I got my son's teacher a gift today. I bought her a Tyler's Company candle the Kathina smell! I love those candles! I might have to tell my husband to get me one because my birthday is coming up! ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Getting excitied about Hillsville, VA!

I'm getting so excited!!! It's almost time for Memorial day!! I can't wait! This whole tiny town turns into one big junk queens dream! There is everything you can imagine here! Even men carrying around guns and beer!

This is my dad's booth last year for the Labor Day sale! He likes to make birdhouses!

The amount of people there in unreal. This is at 7:30 am!

This is just a tiny little part. There is probably 5+ more fields like this and people tucked in every little cranny possible! I walked up this huge hill to get to another slew of vendors.

Have you ever been before? Are you planning on going for Memorial Day?

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes!