Monday, May 3, 2010

Just so I will remember! 1st Birthday!

My little man turned 1 this past November and I just wanted to share his birthday so I will remember! Look at that sweet face!

I kept his birthday party simple and sweet! My husband's aunt made his cake! Thank you Aunt Dean! She makes the best homemade cakes with real icing!

I made his birthday banner myself! Really easy to do! I forgot to take a picture of the one that said, "Happy Birthday". I saw some really cute banners on Etsy but there was no way I was paying $30 dollars for one!

He was scared at first of his cake! As you can tell I have a big boy! It didn't take long for him to dive in!

My little man with his great grandma, Nanny!

It is so hard to believe how fast time goes by! He is now 17 months old and 27 pounds! When he was born he was 9 pounds 11 ounces! Yes, I had him too!

Happy 1st Birthday baby!


kim said...

Jennifer, he is precious. Yes, they grow up way to fast and then they leave home. Of course then come the grandchildren. My daughter's birthday is in November, too. She is expecting her first in October or early November.
I have not posted my kitchen yet, but will soon.


Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Oh my, he’s such a cutie! I’m sure he just melts your heart. Love the banner and your aunt did a fab job on the cake!

I was looking at all your thrifty finds below. You found some great things. I’ve done pretty well at Goodwill this week and can’t decide if I should hit up a local charity garage sale. It benefits the local animal shelter. The shopper in me says yes but the more responsible side say you have already bought a ton of stuff this week. Hum what to do, what to do.

Happy Friday to ya!
Kendra “Domestic Princess in Training

Rose said...

Awwww, he is so precious! Enjoy every moment, look how quickly the time went from his birthday to now!
Can't wait to have some grandchildren in my life someday, God willing.
You are so blessed.