Thursday, May 13, 2010

My new MAILBOX!!!

Love it!

I'm in love with my new mailbox!! My sweet husband built this for me!! The best part is, it was FREE too!! He used scrap stuff from his work. I'm thinking about maybe adding some flowers at the bottom, but the dirt is so hard! Any suggestions? I also still need to add our number. I just love it and he is so proud of himself! He kept asking me have you put it on your blog yet? Babe, I hope you see this at work today! I love you!

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Cathy said...

Love it! What a sweet hubby! He did a wonderful job!

I found you at Kim's and had to come by to say HI! Your blog is lovely and I look forward to following along!


Victoria said...

Awwww, how cute your mailbox is and having it made by your hubby makes it that much more special. I have a brown thumb so I can't give you any advice on planting!

kim said...

Jennifer, that is a nice mailbox. He did a very good job.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

He did a great job! Love the monogram. :) I wonder if the dirt could be rototilled up a bit. Add some good top soil and maybe a little bit of compost?? I bet those flowers will go crazy. :)

Heather said...

Looks great! Really like the monogram too. All of our mailboxes are being replaced by big metal boxes that house about 30 people's mail; just can't express personality in that set up, so I appreciate you showing yours:)
(over from Tidymom's)

TidyMom said...

LOVE it!! Your hubby did a GREAT job!

Thanks for linking up Jennifer, the blog looks fantastic!

Michele said...

Dig out a small bed around the post and fill it with a mixture of compost and potting soil and a six-pack or two of pretty annuals. You should be able to get some nice color that way.

Lori said...

very nice! coming over from Finding Fabulous