Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm going to try EBAY!

I've sold a few things a long time ago. So, this is pretty new to me! I'm going to give EBAY a shot! This was so time consuming for me. I guess I will get faster as times goes by! 

Christmas time is coming up and I have my eye on 2 anywhere Pottery Barn chairs for my boys and well, those bad boys don't come cheap! Never mind! It's going to cost almost $80.00 just to ship the things! 

I have mainly just the cutest boys clothes you have ever saw!! Here's a few pics of what I'm selling and here's the link to my listings!!!

Wish me luck!!!

Happy Friday and thanks for looking!!!


Anonymous said...

Adorable outfits!

La said...

Adorable clothes, Jennifer. I love eBay!

I had an eBay store for a while until they raised my fees considerably. I still put auctions on there from time-to-time.

Best of luck to you! La

Blondie's Journal said...

These are the cutest little outfits. I have 2 grown boys but I still remember the fun in dressing them!! I wish you the best selling on ebay. I am not an ebay person...I'd never get off my laptop!! I think these clothes will sell themselves!

Happy Weekend!


The Coupon Goddess said...

Good luck to you! I've had very good luck selling items on ebay. A great way to make money!

Donnie said...

They are so cute. Don might become suspicious if I bought cute little clothes and my grands are all older than yours. I bet you'll be able to sell them soon. I've sold some stuff on eBay but don't look at the bids til the last few hours. Too stressful. Good luck.

Erin@likegrandmas said...

Adorable clothes Jennifer! Good luck, I hope you do well!

Pam said...

Good luck. It's been a few years since I sold on Ebay and then it was just here and there, but the posting process does get quicker the more you do it. You do have cute stuff!

Katy said...

Oh my goodness, I'm going to HAVE to bid on many of these. If I win more than one, can we work out a reduced shipping payment??

Vanessa said...

Hey Jennifer! You will have to let me know how it goes! I have been debating selling on Ebay for awhile now. My daughter wears A LOT of Gymboree and I take extra special care of her clothes and currently sell them in a consignment store but always wish I could make a little bit more on them. I'm just not sure about the amount of time it takes. Keep me posted on your progress! :-)
P.S. How cute are those clothes??? My boy is past all of those darling items. :-(

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Oh I love 'em ALL! So much like my stuff that I finally consigned after chickening out on Ebay... Good luck to you! Your taste and mine are very similar and your boys are adorable! I'm blown away by all your Halloween creativity. Thanks so much for the sweet comment.

Joy said...

I have had good luck on ebay! Cute outfits ;)

1 Buddha's Mom said...

Love your blog! Your auctions look good, and I am also an ebay seller. Can I offer you a couple of pointers that may help your sales? Don't waste your title description using words like 'cute', 'super cute' and exclamation points. Ebay gives you a set amount of space to describe your item so use these to your advantage to show up in buyer searches. Double check your spelling - you have pilgram for pilgrim and smoked for smocked. This will kick you out of a search from a potential buyer who may be looking for a smocked pilgrim outfit! Please don't think I am being critical, but I love to see people do well selling on ebay and always try to help out new sellers whenever I can with things I have learned over the years. And it does get easier the more you do it. Please let me know if I can ever help with your listings:)