Friday, May 13, 2011

Barney Rocks!

I had the pleasure of taking my baby to see Barney!
We had a good little time together!
Did you know my 2 year is considered an adult? I didn't either until I bought our tickets.

I think this is just the sweetest picture! Worth every adult penny to me!

This little $15.00 Barney wand kept him entertained the whole show. I was worried he would run off from me. Notice how he is sitting on Barney? He didn't want him going anywhere!

He loves balloons!

We had a fun night just the 2 of us!
We ate at Steak and Shake after the show. I love that place! I wish there was one closer to me right now! They have the best burgers and shakes!

Always remember!
I love you, you love me!


Victoria said...

How fun!!! He is sooooo cute sitting on his Barney..awwwww! My oldest son loved Barney, we had a ton of Barney tapes:)

Heather said...

Hahah too cute!! Looks like he had a blast! So far the only thing that entertains my son for longer than a minute is the Wiggles. :)

Donnie said...

I bet that tune stays in your head for about 2 like you two had a very special date.

The Inspired Nest said...

I miss Barney so much! My oldest (now 13) couldn't get enough watching Barney. We still have all his Barney stuffed animals! I can still sing all the songs! Good times! Glad it was a good show!