Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Terrible 3's

Here's my Birthday Boy!
We got him a tractor for his birthday. 
 He loves tractors! Especially his Papa's tractor!

Even has a radio!

We kept his birthday party low key. I'm starting to like them that way.
I love pretty parties, however parties stress me OUT!

He loves Caillou. He is one whiny rascal! Have you ever watched him?

This little booger is keeping me on my toes here lately! 
He gets out of his crib at 6am every morning!
He cut 25 of my ornaments off the tree with scissors!
He emptied a brand new tube of tooth paste.
He opened a pack of pads and and stuck them to his brother's dresser.
etc, etc, etc......

Terrible 3's here we come! 
We love you baby!


Jen S. said...

Very cute pics!

I had to laugh about all of the things that your little guy is doing! Pads on the dresser is a riot...sorry to laugh, but it's so funny!

As for Calliou...Jeven used to love watching that when she was little (she is now 13!) and one time she went through a real whiny phase. One night it was time for her bath and she said real whiney "I don't want to take a bath". Both Steve and I looked at eachother and said that she just sounded like someone we had heard before with that whiney tone... but we couldn't figure out who it was who sounded like that. Then it hit us...Calliou!!! So after that we decided no more Calliou-- and she stopped whining! Crazy but true!

Happy Holidays! :)

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh Happy Birthday to your little guy. My three year old loves Caillou too.

~Randee@Randee's Organized Chaos said...

I am CRACKING up!!! Sounds like our house!!! ;)

sabri said...

your boys are addorable..and i love your hair...ha...ha...merry christams to you and your family...~sabri~