Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Changes inside my cabinet

 Finally! I did something productive today! 
I took out my old dishes and put my new ones in. It's about time, cause they've been sittin' in the corner for months!
 I also added a few new to me goodies in the mix, too!

I've been drooling over the Emma Collection from Pottery Barn for forever. 
I got a very close looking set from Wal-Mart.

For some odd reason, I'm starting to like vintage rooster and chicken salt and pepper shakers.

I bought these from ebay.

One day I was catching up reading Heather Bullard's blog, and I saw a picture of one of these rooster mason mugs and I just fell in love! Off to google I went! I found a set of 6 at Pottery Barn for $24! I knew I could do better! I found a set of 12 on Amazon for $25 shipped! The brand name is Libbey Country Fair.

I'm happy with the outcome! 
I hope everyone is doing well and thank you for stopping by! 
Have a great week!

update---I have no idea who the white dishes are made by from Walmart. I think there on display still.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fresh Eggs

Happy first day of Spring!

Small update about my chickens.
I know awhile back I wasn't sure if one of my chickens was a rooster. Well, he is most def a rooster!
A mean one at that! He has flogged all of us, except for my husband. I still can't seem to get rid of him though. He protects the ladies!

I spoil them with grapes in the afternoon.

 I was a little bit scared right here.
 I just knew he was getting ready to flog me! I had my shovel near by!

 We also added three leghorns. These little white chickens are laying machines! They lay the biggest eggs I've ever seen! 
 My black chicken lays a brown egg. She finally started laying about a month ago.
I'm keeping the brown ones for my Easter eggs. They say the colors are brighter.

She's my fav! She will stay right beside me and let me feed her and hold her.
The other ones, you can just forget about that! 

Clean fresh eggs! Nothing better.
(The cow has nothing to do with the eggs, she's one of my recent antique store finds;) I love her!) 
 This is my favorite egg carton.
 I love the colors and the barn.
Makes me happy!

Have a great week everyone and thank you for stopping by!

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Friday, March 16, 2012


So, what do you do when your big little man decides he wants a WWE party a couple of weeks before his birthday. Even though he knows nothing about wrestling! lol! Well, you do your best and give the child his wish! It's always a plus, when you can't find anything WWE party related at all. Nothing in stores and not much on the net, either. Oh, and our whole family was sick the week of his birthday. One more thing, I know nothing about wrestling! ;)

 I ended up buying everything from Wal-Mart the DAY before his little party. I also had to have his cake re-made at the bakery. Boy, was that a mess. I have the worst luck with good looking cakes. 

Everything came to together just perfectly at the last minute. Ain't it weird how everything just falls into place and works out?! I know I stress out over the smallest things, but I just want everything perfect for him. Birthdays only come once a year, so I want them to be extra special!

Oh, the Birthday Boy approved! Extra Mama points!

 Birthday pancakes!
 Do you know who this guy is?
 I had no idea he acted like a thuggish-ruggish bone! lol!
Oh, he also wears a chain with a pad lock around his neck! 
So bad to the bone!

 About the cake, I called and asked if they had a WWE cake. She said yes. I went to pick it up and it's green, yellow and has tons of bright colored sprinkles! Oh! Let's no forget the wrestler was face down in the cake! No Ma'am! You can take this back! I think I had panic attack right there! This is the reason I always pick up cakes the day before a party. It's still a generic looking wrestling cake, but way better than before.

 Already wrestling and having fun!

I know in the end, it wasn't the fanciest party in the World and that's okay! There is one thing I have learned in the short time I have been a Mama and it seems like the more simplified things are the more fun we have and enjoy more.

Happy 7th Birthday!