Sunday, July 11, 2010

Junk and a Naked Chic! Part 1

Hey Y'all!!! 
I hope everyone had a great weekend Junkin!! I had fun! I found a few things over the past 2 weeks here and there!
I'm joining these FAB parties!
Southern Hospitality
Linda at Coastal Charm for Nifty thrifty Tuesdays!
Twice owned Tuesday @ House of Grace  
Thrifty Thursday @ Bloggeritaville

Let's get this party started!
 I bought this stuff at the flea market. Most of the time you have to pay a little more at the flea market.
I loved this red toile box! I got it for $5.00.
 I got this rooster for $5.00. I think I might do a debbiedoo and paint it red! haha!
 $5.00 for the set of these candles.
 $3.00 for this chunky gold frame from my fav consignment store.
 .50¢ for the Faith picture at a yard sale!!! Love this!
$2.00 for this brand new picture!
$2.00 for this one too!
This set of 3 pics was $2.00!
I just thought this was neat. It was a part of a peach crate. $2.00
This is a part of a enamel counter top. I'm going to get my dad to paint something on it for me and use it as a sign. Not to bad for $5.00.
I got this naked chic at Goodwill for $15.00! She needs a name! I got her just in case I ever get my store going!
Baby cup for $2.00! I have always wanted one of these!
I got this cute dress for $5.00 at the flea!


Kimberly said...

What will you do with the naked chic? love the grey shirt! good finds!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

I love the toile box and the peach crate wood. The dress is really cute. I am not so sure about naked chic. What the heck will you do with her?

Sue said...

You found absolutely wonderful thrift items, Jennifer. My favorites are the toile box and the rooster. And I would definitely paint it red!! You'll have to post it for the upcoming rooster party at Bella Vista. Isn't thrifting and junkin' fun? It is so addictive. LOL
:-) Sue

Kati @ Obscured Flair- said...

oh wow! you picked up some amazing stuff!!!!!

kacie said...

nice finds! love that rooster and toile box oooh and that dress is super duper cute!
and i'm thinkin your new naked friend should be painted pink! ;)

trish said...

Oy! That lunch box and chunky frame stole my heart! :o)

Cori said...

Hi Jennifer!

I wanna go junking with you! You have found some incredible stuff! Isn't it just so much fun?

You could give your dress form the same type of creativity that I give mine with vintage sheet music. She'd look great!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm so glad I was able to stop by your this afternoon in between appointments.

Starview Sonnet

Kristi said...

I love ALL your finds!!!! And the dress is the icing on the cake!!! :)

Audra said...

Score on the nekid chick! I paid 30.00 for mine, I use her for my ebay items. My son calls her Chi-Chi, I wonder why????

That dress is gorgeous! I an in deep envy of all you lovely finds, especially the rooster. Red would be the perfect color for him. Then he would just pop!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Girl you rocked this!! LOVE the toile box and the rooster!! The frame? Awesome!!! And I love the sign and the dress!!! You scored big time!!!

Lou Cinda :)