Monday, April 1, 2013

Awards Day

 Big G earned principals honor again for the third nine weeks!

I had to attend parent teacher conference that week. 
His teacher says that he still needs help with reading and she thinks he needs to be tested for a reading disability. I'm not against it. I'm just confused. He continues to make all A's and was also tested for the gifted program and yet, he struggles with reading? To me, he has improved 1000% from the beginning of the school year. His teacher says he is the most determined student in her class and that he tries so  hard at everything. I appreciate that she notices these things.  We will find out in the summer  if he made the GT program. If not, he will be tested again in the fall.

I'm so proud of him, no matter what!

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Junky Jen said...

I am a special education teacher and I would have to ask the teacher why she suspects a reading disability?? His grades do not reflect that he is struggling. In the state in which I live the teachers have to show that they have done some interventions and that the interventions are NOT working before we can test for a learning disability unless the parents specifically ask for testing. I am sure you will investigate this further but I would seriously question the teacher. Your boys are precious and I enjoy your posts!! Sorry for putting in my two cents but I dislike it when teachers start suggesting a learning disability. If he is struggling in reading then his grades should reflect that.