Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happenings in the Back Yard

Let's see what the girls are up to.
Well, I think there both girls. My husband does not.
What do you think? Neither one is cock-a-doodling.

There both sweet as can be. 
 Dee Dee (the black one) will let you hold her the other one will not.
They are eating a lot! And let's not forget about the POOP!
I've never seen so much poop from two tiny animals in my life! 
I use their poop to fertilize my pumpkins. I probably waited to long to plant these.
I'm learning and all I can do is try! This is what they look like after 1 week.
I have 3 mounds just like this one.

I should of took a picture of the girls hanging basket when I first bought it.
It was beautiful. 

My husband made these metal planters a long time ago on our back porch.
There is 2 total on there just like this one.
I just throw plants in here and hope for the best! lol!
Yelp, no clue in the gardening department at all!

That's about it around here for now.
Waiting for cooler weather so I can paint our building and maybe the coop.

The End!


Leslie said...

girl.. that big brother is kicking my ass. I've been neglecting everything. lol.
Everytime I get on to read blogs I turn the live feeds on.. and get carried away in it.

The chickens are so cute. That's a big thing here in Baltimore city now.. everyone is trying to harvest eggs. It's cool.
I love your baskets.. they've really come to life!

Have a great wednesday.

LaTosha said...

ahhh I love those chickens!!

The Decorative Dreamer said...

You are so brave, Jennifer. Those chickens would scare me. My grandmothers neighbor had one of those big long coops where you hatch baby chicks when I was little and remember it all so well. I loved the baby chicks but the big ones always scared me. I do remember lots of poop all around too! I love that you have figured out a way to use the poop to your advantage and that you have a hanging plant on their coop. Very cool!

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

Too funny, Your girls are adorable.

Blondie's Journal said...

They really are spite of the poop! Are you getting eggs yet? I like your window box, the unexpected in the best. Good luck with your pumpkins!


Town and Country Gals said...

Your chickens are so cute but the brown one may be a roo. It looks like there is a comb on top of it's head but I can't really get a good look from the photo. Their "fertilizer" is supposed to be very good for plants so maybe you will have super pumpkins!

Linda said...

Such a fun post! I loved seeing the chickens and the coop!

Kris said...

LOVE it!! We think we have a Roo too!!! Time will tell. Your girls are very healthy looking. The coop looks great! I made the mistake of thinking I could paint the coop AFTER it was up. NOT an easy thing to do!!!
Ta for now.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Chicken poop is great - lucky you! I just planted a few mini pumpkins and hopefully it won't be too late for them since they're small, but you never know.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

How darling are your "girls". SO funny cause when I first read that I thought that you had boys and then I saw what you were talking about. Your pumpkins ought to love the chicken poop.

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

We raised 2 geese (Lucy and Abigail) and about 7 ducklings when my youngest was about 3-4. And they were some MESSY things! They did keep our lawn mowed though...ha! But that was a one time deal. Don't see myself ever doing that again. Good luck with yours! You are braver than I. Also, thanks for the link, I am going to go check it out. Have a great weekend! :o)

Misty said...

I think they look like girls too! My mother-in-law had a bunch of hens at one time and they were all named after the Golden Girls. They were so much fun and the hubs loved the brown eggs. On another note, yes strange....sign business lol thats so funny. Who would of ever thought. We are so going to have to meet up one day! Oh and you need FB!!!!! Just so you can talk to me :) Enjoy your girls.

Pamela said...

How cute!! Can't wait to see if u get pumpkins!

Pam said...

Cute! Love the girls...especially the brown one.