Monday, September 19, 2011

A Huge Thank You and Fall Consignment Sales!

I just wanted to shout a huge THANK YOU to the readers that bought my boys clothes!
Ebay was time consuming, but so WORTH it! I have a learned a few tips to help me much more next time!
Thank You Thank You Thank You!

I love seasonal consignment sales so much that I even volunteer my time to shop early! I will be the first to admit I'm seriously addicted to them! You just can't beat the prices!

Here's a few of my latest finds and new loves for this season!

Perfect for Fall!
I can just see my little one now sitting in some leaves wearing this!

I splurged on these 4 outfits.
 I love Bailey Boys and this is this last year I can probably get away with it!
So, why not?! They were $22 each. Kinda high for me, but you get what you pay for!

Perfect for football season and I love gingham pants!

He loves tractors, so this was a no brainer!

How cute would this be for a Monkey Joe's birthday party?!!!
Had to have it!

Gymboree Fall Fishin line outfit for $8.00!

The pants, sweater vest, and shirt all for $5.00!
Made by Childrens Place.

Gap wool jacket for $5.00!
These are going for crazy amounts on ebay!

Brand new looking Crocs. $6 each!
I was so happy to find the yellow ones for my little one's Halloween costume!

Gymboree vests for $4.00 each! Vests always cost a lot of money!

Mis Tee V Us and Flap Happy Christmas Shirts.
I love these brands!

I think these Christmas items was only $2.00 each!

I have tons of other items too! Time to let the check book cool off for a minute!
If you have never shopped at one before and if you have kids you are missing out!
Go find you a consignment sale ASAP!


⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜@ Debbiedoos blogging and blabbing said...

They have to be the cutest dressed boys ever. You do so good Jennifer. Love your header too.

Michele Smith said...

Great haul! You got so many cute things!
I have a question about ebay I buy all the time and have sold a few things but I have been scammed twice. One guy claimed the payment wasn't authorized or whatever and he ended up getting the money back and I was out of the clothes I sold. (when we clearly had open communication and several emails back and forth bout him asking questions bout the clothes)
Anywho...I have a LOT of hollister and abercrombie clothes I need to sell, lots with tags on that I can't fit in anymore and I do not want to sell them for 2 dollars at a yard sale.
Do u have any tips to avoid scammers and such?
Sorry so long

Blondie's Journal said...

You are going to have the best dressed little boys on the block!! These outfits are so cute! And what a great deal on the crocs...I love little kids in them {so easy to take on and off}.

Have a great week!! :-)


Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

1. Love the new background!!!

2. Love the clothes!! I would but them if you had not!

3. My boys go through crocks pairs a season what a steal!!! There are no hand me downs in my house they are so ruff on their clothes! Especially shoes.

4 . Aw Christmas we are looking forward to it be in the double digits countdown soon

Kelly said...

Love all your finds! I don't go to clothing consignment shops nearly enough. I go to home decor/furniture consignment shops though. Seeing what you were able to find for so little money really inspires me to go sometime.

Jemsmom said...

I think I need to find a consignment sale! Your outfits are so cute!!!

Michele Smith said...

Yes I have a paypal acct. Thats the only way I accept and pay. We always do delivery confirmation too...they just claim that the payment wasn't authorized on paypal acct and I was forced to give money back...while they kept my item.

I guess I'll try again... I really would like to get some extra cash on my clothes.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Pippa, look at those adorable outfits. Well, you did shop high this time for those first few outfits. They are going to look smashing.

Jen S. said...

I'm lovin' the festive look of your blog...very nice!

WOW-you scored on clothes...they are so cute! Good job Jennifer!

Have a nice rest of the week :)

Kathy said...

Jennifer we also have a great consignment store, the front of the little store is all high end baby clothes and the back is all consignment and that is where i get 99% of the kids clothes. I only buy full price for very special occasions anymore, so smart right

Tiff said...

Jennifer-- so cute! You got some great stuff!

Party Of Four said...

Love the outfits! And boy did you get some great deals! Stopping in from Kelly's Korner. Have a great day!

Our Family said...

Michelle - did you report the issue through Paypal? I had a similar situation with items I sold and I had to go through the Paypal dispute process. It took forever, but b/c I was able to provide copies of the labels and the delivery confirmation receipt, I eventually got my $$ back (2 months later).