Tuesday, November 1, 2011

School treats, awards day, and therapy!

I bet your wondering why I put therapy in my title?
I love to make treat cups! I have no clue why, but I could make these babies all day long!
It's just relaxing to me. I have to first, find everything I've bought over the past year. lol! If your like me you place things in 10 different places. Second, I organize everything.

I don't know what it is, but I just love foil candy!

I also like to do things in order a certain way. I guess I'm a bit OCD?

Add some pretty ribbon!

Pack them up in my $1.00 cauldron and there all ready to go to school with my Magician.
The best part, these treat cups only cost $14 to make! That's for 22 kids, too!

My Magician with his teacher the blue crayon! :)

Pretty neat-o they had awards day on Halloween!

He ended getting an award for writing and perfect attendance.
I was so happy for him!

Okay, time to go relax. Directv just peed me off! I know no one wants to here my rant about that.
Dang! To bad there is no treat cups for me to make! lol!

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Jemsmom said...

You are too funny. I lay everything on the floor and Jemma goes down the row and drops them in the bag or cup! It becomes a game. Frankly though, I have to say... I am over goody bags. I love cups, but I don't want anything in them! Call me scrooge! Jemma doesn't like candy so we get a bunch of candy that I eat and Lord only knows I don't need it, or it is full of gadgets that break or I step on! even as I write this I feel like Scrooge!!! Please don't hate me!!!

Glimpse of My World said...

LOVE IT ALL... COME SEE ME!! Hope you are doing well!!

Heather said...

Hi Jennifer! I just wanted to stop by and say "thank you" for visiting my blog. I should visited your blog a lot sooner, but things have been a bit crazy around here.

Anyway, your Halloween treat cups are just adorable. I bet the kids just loved them!

Kelly said...

I know what you mean about foiled candy. It just looks more special wrapped that way doesn't it? Your treat cups turned out so cute. That was a nice thing to do for his class. I wish my childs school would let them dress in costumes on Halloween. They try to be politically correct for those that don't participate in the holiday. So, they call the Halloween party a "Fall" party. They call the Christmas party a "Winter" party. Isn't that awful? I guess that's what happens when you send your child to a public school. Now, it's my turn to rant! Ha!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

So much fun. Look at all that candy. I don't have one single piece in this house. I think I should have gone trick or treating!

Jen S. said...

That's so cute you love making treat cups! I LOVE how they turned out. And I see you added cute ribbons to them too :) You think of everything!

Your little guy looked so cute getting an award in his costume...how fun!

rachel@Acts of Life said...

I wish I had something to rant about too! LOL Your cups turned out very cute and festive! I wish my kids could dress in their costumes at school..I miss those days. Congrats to your son on his awards!

Michele Smith said...

Your treat cups are awesome, very festive! I bet the kid's loved them.
I love that they were able to wear their costumes to school, how fun!

Mrs C with Style said...

I love your blog! It looks like you really had fun with Halloween this year! Love all of the candy!

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Marianne said...

What adorable treat bags....I bet the kiddies just loved them. Looks like you all had a blast on Halloween.
Marianne :)

Flea Market Lynn said...

Thx for stopping by......oh, all that candy looks sooooo yummy. Don't worry, I'm OCD too! Congrats to your son on his awards! I am one of your newest followers. I hope you will follow me back....thx!

❀ⒹⒺⒺ❀@ A Lapin Life said...

Your treat bags are the greatest!

I'm passing on the "Tell Me About Yourself Award". Go to my blog for the details. :-)



LuLu Kellogg said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE foil candy too!

Your children are DARLING!

Happy Friday!

The Decorative Dreamer said...

I never did the cup thing and was always amazed and delighted by all the stuff the other MOM's who did packed into these gifts for the kids. I was the Mom who did the homemade and decorated goodies to eat and the big baskets for the teachers gifts and auctions. I loved MOM's like you who made everthing even more special for the kids because you added so much to the parties! You are among a rare and wonderful breed lady! Give yourself a big old hug and pat on the back from me!